Who are we?
Family of SNUCM-61
In April 1955, smartest bunch of young men and women of country of morning calm filed through the gate of Seoul National University College of Art and Science with excitement and hope of six years of earnest endeavor to accomplish the goal to be a MEDICAL DOCTOR.  A hundred thirty some bunch ventured into one of exciting, dramatic, hard working and fun filled world of study in medical science.  We becoem a family of honored memeber of this class. This class has been know to be one of most successful bunch, producing more honored positions in Korean Medical World.    When we received the final piece of the sheep skin called diploma we had unexpected sorrow of separation from each other.  Believe or not, some of us have not seen other guys since then.  One thing is for sure, that is we were spread out to the four corners of the world and we have contributed this generation with the skills and dedication for their health and humanity.  We should be very thankful to all those who supported and helped us to be in such great opportunity, not to mention our parents and teachers.  At the same time I salute guys and gals of theis class for such accomplishment.  Same time we cannot forget some of our friends who went home ahead of us.  We miss them and we still shed tears.  One thing for sure, this class of 61(fifteenth of SNU College of Medicine) is very unique and that reputation has been known through out the generation.  Out class made many first and dedications.  I am looking forward to read more of the uniqueness through many memories you will provide for us.  We do not get together often and when we get together all.  Always only less than half of us meet.  I would like to see this forum for exchange for every one even if we cannot meet. 

We are graduates of Seoul National University College of Medicine graduated in 1961 and about half of us are in Korea and the other half are in U.S..  There may be some who are in other continent.  I would like to construct our history here with your help.  Who knows, at the end we may have grand historical volume that can be published in paper form. 

This page will be continued as we keep building.

(Please check the 'Yesterday Page and Page constructed by Kim Yong Il.)

I just want to show you guys what treasures we have in our class.  Soon you will see more and more of this kind of treasure from our family.  First, look the picture that is created by Jin Ho Kim.  Dont't forget to visit his site by clicking here. and then Look at the other one created by Doo Hyun Chung and to see more clinck here.
What did happen in April 2004!
(also check in the April event page)

I do not know how this happened, but I imagine Jai Sung Lee used his well known  gift to bring all of us in Maryland to enjoy the fellowship for a couple of days with golfing and feasting on the first weekend the April 2004.  I believe this is an impromptu event and yet the response were spontaneous and overwhelming.  There is something in the air about us '61ers on those days.  All together, 39 of us were there.  I believe this was a gathering of most of the number ever joined among the US class mates in recent past. 

Jai and Mrs. Lee arranged such great feast for two consecutive evenings.  In the evening of Saturday banquet, after the feast, Hwi-yul Suh opened with prayer for those who have gone ahead of us.  We miss them more so, particularly in such a blessing and enjoyable time that we rejoyce so much each other.   We even have seen some faces who we haven't seen for quite a long time.  Some could not recognize another.  Exchange of greeting not withstanding, joy abd excitement of seeing each other was definitely palpable.  We thank to Jai for the brilliant ideas and arrangements.  We can't thank enough to Mrs. Lee for that matter. 

Karl Koh made good effort to arrange the golfing as usual.  Last day, the weather was not quite forgiving, but a few braved. We also thank him and Carol Koh for excellent job as usual. 

Hwi-yul Suh made first opening of his presidential speech with confident starting, in the evening after the feast on Saturday.  We are looking forward his good work. 

We were informed that six couples of our class in Seoul will join the annual gathering of SNUCMAA of US at the Hershey, Pennsylvania in July 2004.  They are Dr. and Mrs. Shim Yonbo, Dr. and Mrs. Lee Kapsoon, Dr. and Mrs. Sambong Chi, Dr. and Mrs. Choi Kilsoo and two other couples.  We are looking forward another wonderful gathering for a few days.  We are proud of the presidency of Jai Sung Lee for the SNUCMAA of US for this term.  We are looking forward to see his accomplishment.  We have no doubt he will show another excellent program for all of us not to mention big number of gathering again. For that matter, we encourage all of us to attend the meeting to show the force and support Jai Lee at the SNU USAA annual meeting in Hershey, PA.

Karl E. Koh suggested we might enjoy golfing trip to Florida in the middle of dead winter next year (middle of February 2005.) The cost is very reasonable and so is accommodation.  Many raised hands to join that trip.  Again I have no doubt Karl will set up another excellent arrangement.  I hope many join the trip and have a wonderful time again.  In proper time, we will communicate with you all.  I defintely encourage again all of us to partici[pate and enjoy the goot time.

Brothers and sisters, what do you think about this site for our class so far.  I am even dreaming to have a page where Hie Won Lee Hann’s Opera page where not only we enjoy all the story and libretto but also enjoy the streaming of the music while we are reading them.  I am dreaming of setting up Doo Hyun Chung's Gallery here. That is very possible with a little bit of effort.  Also the sites to show conncetion and commmentary about birds and butterflies and etc. Please E-mail me (cwkang@comcast.net) of your thoughts.  Any suggestion, criticism of my  grammatics and spellings, ideas, or what ever is welcome.  You may use the feedback page and Guest book.  This is no longer an experiemtal site.  This will be published like any other big site with our own address, www.snucm61.org. We are endevoring to add pararell Korean language pages www.snucm61.org/index-korean  (it is done; 10-1-04)

I want you know that I am praying for you guys always. 

Chang-Wuk "Oog" Kang                  updated May 22, 2004
"2004년 4월에 일어난 일"

이 일이 어떻게 해서 일어 났는지는 자세히 알수 없지만 내 추측으로서는 이재승동기가 그의 독틐한 천재적 제능으로 우리 동기들이 메릴렌드에 기꺼히 모여서 이틀간의 즐거운 시간을 갖게 마련한 것으로 알고 있습니다.

4월 첮주말에 39명의 동기 부부가 전미국 지역에서 모여서 이틀동안의 만찬. 친목, 골프등을 즐겼는데,  무엇 보다도 모두가 오랫만의 친교를 즐기면서 어느때보다 더 반가워했든 것이 역역히 느껴 졌습니다.   이번모임의 특징은 동창회를 준비해서 모인 것도 아니고 무슨 특별한 행사가 있어서 모인 것도 아니고 그냥 정이 통해서 모여서 즐기자고 한 것인대 모두가 자율적(spontaneous)으로 몰려 왔습니다.  특기 할 것것은 가까운대서 몇명이 모인 것이 아니라  먼 곳에서도 우정 참석 하여 놀랍고도 반가웠습니다.  어딘지 61년 동기의 영혼을 느끼는 것 같았습니다.  글쎄, 61년동기의 영혼이라는 것이 있는지요만 승화된 느낌을 말하자는 것이지요.

이재승 부부께서 이 준비를 철저히 하여 이틀간의 만찬은 참 즐거웠고, 특히 이재승부인의 특별한 배려에 우리는 모두 감사합니다.  (그러고 보니 61영혼이 있기는 하내요.. ..감사하기 좋아하는 동기들...)  고의걸동기와 부인 케롤 의 그 유능한 솜씨로 전례대로 골프노리를 철저하게 준비하여주어서 더욱 제미가 있었습니다.  이튼날은 날씨가 추웟고 가랑비도 내리고 해서 왼만하면 골프를 포기 하였을 탠대, 세 그룹이 출전 하여 용맹을 보였습니다.

저녁 만찬과 친교와 더불어서, 서휴열 신 회장께서 회장의 축사겸 새회기의 사업계획을 말씀하여 주었고 벌써 활발한 준비를 시작 하였습니다.  특히 여름에 있을 Hershey Pensylvania 에서 있을 전미주 동창회에 우리 새회장 이재승동기의 성공적 임무달성을 응원 하고 또한번 우리가 모여서 즐거운 시간을 갖기를 원 한다고 역설 하였습니다.  특히 한국에서도 여섯 가족이 참석을 위하여 지구의 반을 돌아서 온다고 하니 더욱 의미있는 모임이 될것 같습니다.

고의걸동기가 내년겨울 제일추운 이월달에 푸로리다에 모여서 며칠을 골프랑 제미 있는 시간을 갖자고 의견을 제안 했습니다.  장소도 마땅 하고 비용도 적당하고 하다고 하니 많이들 참석하여 즐거운 시간 함께 하기를 기대 합니다.  호응이 좋은 것 같았습니다. 

위에서 취지의 말씀을 드렸습니다만 이 웹사아트를 여러분께서 잘 자라게 도와주시고 여러분께서 직접 참여 하셔서 활발하고 재미있고 도움이 되는 곳으로 이끌어 나가주세요.  우리 동기에는 유능한 인제들이 많다는 것을 다들 주지 하고 계실줄 압니다. 의학적 학문과 공로도 많고 그외에도 에술적 학문적 재능들도 보통이 아닌줄 아실 것입니다.  위에서 말씀 드린대로 김진호 미술, 정두현이의 동양화와 조각 실력, 우리 이해원동기의 오페라 전문지식, 서휴열의 탐조(birding), 주흥제의 나비학문, 등등 그외에도  많은 숨은 제주들을 발굴 하여 이 사이트를 통하여 소개 해서 여러분들과 감상하고, 자랑스럽게 생각하고, 즐기며 서로의 친목과 존경을 북돋우는 곳이 되었으면 합니다.