We had Golf Event again this year from February 3 2007 thru February 10, 2007 at the Wedgewood and Sandpiper in Lakeland Florida.  Only 9 of us gethered this year as there were number of confliting schedules.  Karl Koh, Oog Kang, Sung Joon Kim, Hyun Sang Hwang, Sung Hwan Chang, Charles (Chul Yoong) Chung, Howard(Heekyung) Lee, Joo Hyun Sohn, Yiechul Chung, and wives.  There are number of 60 class memebers and we had a dinner together served by the golf course owner Dr. Sun Shin. 

Heekyung Lee brought message from California that Yoonkyung Kim and Joonwoo Lee are palnning the 2007 reunion tour in CaliforNIA FOR 5-7 DAYS. 

This year, just before our event here, there was the SNU annual gathering in Los Angeles.   Apparently all together about 15 guys were able to come for a dinner one evening.  The number of friends in California is increasing, as we justes added Hwasup Kim recently.

As soon as I receive some pictures I will post them.

Florida Golf Evevent 2007
at Lakeland Florida