Florida Golf Trip and Gathering
February 5-12, 2005
Dear Friends;
It took forever to come but went so swiftly once it came, but luckily with memory of bright sunshine, rejuvenation, and affirmation of fellowship spanning half  century. We couldn't have prescribed  for better weather.
The spirit soared as pelican (p 50, nat.geo.birds), kind to each other as Budgerigar(p 242, nat, geo. birds) and orderly in in group. We had two communal dinner but a lot more individually, unable to leave each others.
We lingered, wishing to extend the time together but consoled with the promise to meet soon.
Karl Koh has orchestrated the event seemlessly, with his deft handling of every last minute change. I thank everyone, 20 members and their wives who helped the event. It coincided, happily, with K.Y. Sohn's B'day.
I spent $ 640.00 out of the class fund.
Anxiously waiting to hear from YU Hong for the next event,

Hwiyol.                                                                                                        February 14, 2005

* More detailed about the event is described at the tail of this page. Click here.

Cobat ready conboy
Happy Birthday Keith !!  You are getting wise, not getting old.
Final instruction before the attack.
Ohhh !  The crab, the crab, hehe, the crab..Í am so glad I came.....
Listen you guys, don't cheat, yopu got it?
The best part is still the 19th hole with drink and gossip and serious talk.  Boy, do you learn about life from wise!?
The mornign was bit chilly for a place in Florida.
Please accept this appology for not everyone is published.  It is always the conflict that not everyone can be brought up fairly and evenly.  If anyone of you has taken pictures, it will be greatly appreciated so that they can be displayed.
The long waited gathering in Florida was another successful event with bang and whang.  Again we were 20 guys and 18 gals.  Let see; (by Kanadara) Kang Chang-Wuk, Koh Ey Kul, Kim Seong Jun, Kim Yong Kie, Kim Yoo Hong, Kim Wha Sup, Park Seung Kyoon, Paik Sung Ki, Suh Hwi-yol, Sohn Ki Yong, Sohn Joo Hyun,  Ahn Chang Hyun, Lee Hee Kyung, Chang Sung Whan, Chung Tae, Chung Yiechul, Cho Eun Sun, Choi Kong Chang, Hann Su Hung, Whang Hyon Sang, and . (this was checked three times and I hope it is correct listing)

The event of the Florida golf and fellowship was designed and planned entirely by Karl Koh.  He and Hwi-Yol communicated with the Golf Club constantly so that every accomodations were arranged perfectly.  It was a fortune that Karl ( I am too) is a good friend of the golf course owner, Dr. Sung Kyun Shin (doctor of economy).  We were able to play golf with no restriction at all.  If anyone knows, it was very reasonable deal.  We played in two courses, one at the Wedgewood and the other at the Sandpiper.  We played everyday as weather was so good.  The Friday was tournament with Captain' choice format.  Again, this was very joyful game.  Two dinners we had as Hyiyol said above, and they were at the the Wedgewood Golf Club dining room.  TheKorean food was prepared by Korean caterer (it is said that the caterer was group of church memebers and so that actually part of the cost were like donation to that church).  Dr. Shin and his family helped to make the events enjoyable and smooth.  I have absolute confidence in that they truly exerted more than it was their usual duties.  We should all thank him for that.  Both nights, we entertained ourselves with Karaoke.  The usual talents were all brought out.  Aagin the biggest part was the fellowship.  Of course at each end of the golf, we entertained at the club house for the 19th hole with beer and talk.  I belive this was the best part where we learn each other and learn all kind of wisdoms, but most of all the loving fellowship.  I belive ladies may have exchanged some gossips too?  I have no doubt everyone has something to contribute about this trip.  Please do not hesitate to write up something to share with everyone on the Guest Book on the home page.  In the middle of entertainment, the usally quiet and stoic fella, Sohn Joo Hyun, said I come the gathering to see guy.  I believe that it was the sentiment of everyone.

There were two highlights.  One was to see Yong Kie Kim.  Boy, he looked so healthy with the usual zip and wisdom, thank God.  He made excellent lead on the tornament and made his team the champion.  We truly happy to see him.  It is also understatement if we say we all prayed for him.  We felt the prayer was answered.   The other was the Keith Sohn's birthday.  As usual his pretty and thoughtful wife brought good gift to share with everyone.  Look at them are't they good looking couple? Also worth to metion is that Yoo Hong kim came from Colorado just to spend for day and a half with to prepare for our summer gathering, we all should look forward.

Oh, I should say this.  At least four of our classmate have home in Florida not too far from where we stayed.  I learned more are interested in and checking the pulse of housing market.  One should say that the more move to the Florida the better our chance to enjoy the fellowship.  Soon we might have more of us live in Florida. 

한글판 보기
                                ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE EVENTS

Suh Hwiyol sent following message about our upcoming Class Reunion dedicated solely for Golf  as following;

The date is February 5 to February 12, 2005

Thanks to Karl Koh, I now have detailed package as following.

1. seven nights of lodging and seven(7) rounds of golf for two ; $ 675.00 plus 6.5 % tax
2. seven nights of lodging and sfive(5) rounds of golf for two ; $ 630.00 plus 6.5 % tax
3. since the lodging is a special weekly rate, if you stay more than four days, it is better to make a weekly reservation. (FYI , daily rate in Winter is $ 80.00 per night  for a room wiht two double beds) even if you might want to stay only four days.
4. most room is equipped with kitchen and refrigerator. guests are allowed to cook, meals in the motel room.
5. If you wish to make a reservation, please send  $100.00 in check payable to the Wedgewood Golf Club or call with credit card number before Dec. 15, 2004 at (863) 858-4451.  Please identify yourself as a memeber of SNUCM61

Wedgewood Golf Club
401 CArpenters way
Lakeland, Fl 33809            (The location is about 45 minutes drive from Orlando to Southwest)

I would like to add that the owner of the golf course is close friend of Karl Koh, who has known him for decades, wonderful person of our contemporary.  He made a special deal for us becasue of his friendship with Karl.
Please mark your calender to be there from feb.6 till feb. 13 for a good time to be had.
(revised 11-2-2004)

Addendum as of 11-09-2004

For those of you who come as a single, the rate will be adjusted as following;
$ 445.00 for 6 rounds of golf
$ 470.00 for 2 guests but only one playing.
I figured that if you want to spend more than 3 nights, it would be better to ask for weekly rate.
for those who just want to join and spend a few nights, you may call " suburban lodge" 863-816-1700 where all of golfers wil be staying.

I hope to have a few communal dinner, Tue. and Fri for all of us together.
we have some fund at our disposal that  can be put to good use for all of us.
you can be assured that you won't be bothered by my personal call on this matter.