Hershey Event - July 2004
Dear Friends:

We made again a new history at the Hershey meeting of SNUCMAA annual convention.  Since the meeting I and my wife joined the trip with those who came from Korea to several national parks.  The trip was great and the fellowship we shared was even greater.  That and my other tasks made this report delayed, and I ask your indulgence.  Followings are messages from Lee Jai Sung and Suh Hwiyol:

PLEASE CHECK KOREAN LANGUAGE PAGE.  We have a pleasant surprise, that is Shim Young Bo has sent an essay about our meeting and the trip I mentioned.

Dear VIP Friends Class 61 at Hershey.

Thanks so much for your support at Hershey from the bottom of
my heart.  Without our Class 61 helps, it could have been
absolutely impossible for me to do my job no matter how much
you work.  I am glad the convention is over without major problem.
30 members of class 61 attended our 43rd class reunion feast
and the convention.  Some of us met each other for the first time
since our graduation 1961.  We should meet more often as we are
getting mature in future.  I do not have to mention all the names 
since we met each other at Hershey.  Special thanks to my dear
friend Park Seung Kyun and First Lady and Mr. President at our
talent show. Mrs. Sohn Ki Yong and Choi Kong Chang must have
spent at least hundred hours for the preparation of the event. Our
Chorus was outstanding and received big hands from the
audience. Thanks to the conductor Mrs. Choi Kil Soo and Pianist
Mrs. Lee Dong Hae. Mrs. Choi Kil Soo  also presented beautiful
high level music for us. 
Dr. Lee Kil Ya, Alumni President from Seoul told me that it looked like Class 61 festival. I am very proud of our class 61 and  100% sure that our next servants (Suh H.Y. and Kim Y.H.) will be doing their best for us.
Please understand if there were any inconveniences for you during your staying at Hershey.
All the details will be on our web site: www.snucm61.org .
Take care of your health all the time.
With best regards,

Jai Sung
Dear Friends:

Some of us have come away from the reunion in Hershey with pride, reaffirmation of friendship spanning half centeury.  I still experience a sense of afterglow of warmth and expectation for the future.  I would like to recap some of events that took place for the benefit of those whe couldn't come inspite of themselves.
We, 30 classmates, gethered, probably one of the largest of it's kind, started in the evening of June 30, at Jai sung's suite, for informal socialization, catching up with each other for news, gossips.  On July 1, sceintific program was held in AM, followed by golfing in PM but main event for most us was the class reunion banquet , which started at 6.30 pm. cash bar, punch and appetizers were provided, helping us to circulate as a warm up of what is to come.

We paid tribute to those who passed before us, and  opened korbel brut champagne for celebration of the reunion, and sit down dinner of filet and crab cake . Everybody brought healthy appetite, leaving little from the tables.  We conducted brief business meeting in which we elected Yuhong Kim as next president, provided gift to Korean contingent, Chang-Wuk Kang for his hard work to run our website( heretofore to be referred to the web), and t-shirt with the logo of SNUCM61 .

We all joined singing in chorus afterward, rehearsed songs to prepare next day's event of competitive talent show.  We practiced " modakbul" " home sweet home", " swanee river" and ' Heidenroslein"  under the direction of Mrs. Kilsoo Choi, piano-acompanied by Mrs. Donghae Lee.
Needless to say, we all felt so involved, serious and believed  as if we were in world tour. The night was short but had to cut short for the next day. 

The scientific session in AM and golf in PM and entertainment in evening, with each class competing against others for the best talent.  Naturally, the class 61 dominated the evening with quality and quantity. All of attendees were treated with remarkable acting talent of Kongchang Choi and Mrs. Kiyong Sohn when they played a skit in which George and Laura Bush discussed about his interest in becoming a student at SNUCM, Laura's warning about difficult classes, exam hell, reexam, re-reexam, capturing angst, fear, hard work of medical students we all are so familiar with but George seems naively oblivious to.
I was told that Mrs. Kilsoo Choi and Donghae honored us with a few songs.

All in all, the event was momentous, proving that we still are in robust shape physically and emotionally, and able to defy chronology.  I know such a brief, sketchy description does no justice to what happened and we may need another occasion to experience of the spirit of our class reunion. For those who want to hear more about the event should feel free to call me.
Some of us have suggested to collect more money to cover the expense of the banquet but worry not becasue I have enough fund left over to cover all of expense.  You are free to ask me for detailed expense as you wish. 4 more classmates contributed after my last report to you.

I sent many photos to Chang-Wuk to post on the web as he sees fit.  I wonder if we ought to recognize special occasions of each of us, with some gift, such as wedding of our children, birth of grandchildren, publication or other event worthy of our attention. I welcome discussion, comment, suggestion and critique. Or sympathy card to some of us who have not become grandparents!!


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