We were welcome by our senior alumni with compliment that we did good job.  With a little bit of pride and a little bit of humbling, we started the premedical course.
Real Medical Education started.  Naturally, we become close to each other in our Lab team members.  We were virtually together every afternoon. Not to mention occasional Makully parties.
Smoking break was one I enjoyed and that's when all kind of things happened.
Now we become  officers of Korean Military Team.  It was bit confusing whether we were  military officers or doctors.  Most of us want to get out as soon as possible to be a real doctor.
We did feel real doctor when we put on the lab coat and started treating young soldiers.  But then, when we cam to be civilian internship then It was all fogotten if we were doctor or not, as we worked like we were in hard labor or slavery.
This is an experimental page. By a chance, I found a few pictures of yesterday.  So I made a scrap book style page like this.  My thought is that If we can collect some old pictures we can make a nice scrap book here and reminisce together the good old time or the hard old time.  What do you think?  Please let me know if this might be a good idea or what.  Send your thought to me;
Finally I made it to USA.  Then a little pride and a little hurt combined to cause such a confusion.  We were not sure if we were slave laborer or academic elites.  One thing for sure, learnign and sharpening the medical skills and knowledge were not forgotten, thank God.  1965
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What a proud moment
Gentlemen with ties and suites?
Yea, we had relaxing moments too.